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Our role is that of a catalyst. We link forward-thinking companies with fast-growing economies.
Case Studies

Major Private Equity Firm

We are working with a group of investor that wants to purchase a hydroelectric power dam operating at a 40 % capacity due to poor maintenance and lack of funding for repairs. Nexus is facilitating the ongoing negotiation, assessing the risk, market potential and identifying the ROI.


International Conglomerate

We advised a group of investor that wanted to purchase a diamond mining company that became insolvent with an accumulated $149,000,000 in debt and facing bankruptcy. Nexus provided guidance and due diligence in assessing the potential worth of the untapped diamond concessions and if a bailout would be profitable.

Major African Importer

We advised an Eritrean group based in Dubai to expand their import-export operations into Angola. Nexus help this client register and obtain their import license. Today their annual revenue exceeds $30,000,000.
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